A Steamy Talk on Wild Sex

I was recently in Madison, Wisconsin as a guest on a live broadcast for the NPR show 'To The Best of Our Knowledge'.  Not only was the event a tremendous amount of fun, I really enjoyed the beautiful vibe of the city itself - especially the gorgeous old University buildings!  Here's my talk, I'm quite proud of it.  Enjoy!

WILD MOMS - The Next Book is Coming!

I'm very pleased to announce that I've teamed up with Pegasus Publishing in New York for another book project!  The next book in the WILD series will be WILD MOMS - The Astonishing and Complicated World of Motherhood in the Animal Kingdom.  


Here's the thing:  everyone has a mom.  The job of raising offspring is varied and vast.  In raising my own children I often found myself wondering - how do other animal moms deal with this?  Whether it's sleepless nights, colic and fussiness, picky eaters or the endless cycles of dirty diapers - surely we can learn something from the multitude of other maternal strategies out there!  

In order to supplement my income while I'm writing, and to hopefully have the book ready to go by Mother's Day 2018, I've set up a PATREON page with many cool and awesome rewards.  Your support would be very much appreciated.  Have any pressing questions about motherhood in our species or any other?  Here's your chance to discuss it with me!

Get this awesome evolution sticker, or a personally signed copy of WILD SEX as rewards for PATREON support!

I'll be posting a lot of updates and info over on my Patreon page, but I'll make sure to keep filling you in on my other projects here.

A Whirlwind Trip to Europe...

I've recently returned from a fantastic trip to London and Munich.  In London I was busy doing publicity for my new book.  I had several interviews for the BBC, a signing at the Natural History Museum of London and I gave a talk at Springer MacMillan.

In Munich I was a keynote speaker for a symposium on science communication at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology.  It was so great to meet the enthusiastic PhD students, I enjoyed hearing all about their work and the symposium itself was a brilliant event.   It also didn't hurt that I was in Munich for Oktoberfest!